Self Mastery Manual: Quit Porn

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Self Mastery Manual: Quit Porn

This is a workbook style manual that aims to assist men get through the next 90 days porn free.

The Days 1-30, Days 31-60, and Days 61-90 sections include mantras, a space for you to write out your process, a space for you to write out your contingency plans, and different daily objective for you to accomplish for the next 90 days. There is also a box at the bottom of each page for you to journal your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Many of the daily objectives include video/reading assignments with links. (I will include a picture of the format below)

Table of contents:

-"Why Quit Porn?" pages 3-7

-"Quitting Porn: A Timeline" pages 8-11

-Days 1-30 pages 12-43

-Days 31-60 pages 44-74

-Days 61-90 pages 75-105

-Quitting Porn Tactics pages106-110

-Quitting Porn Strategies pages 111-116

-Relapse Log pages 118-126

-Success Stories pages 127-157

*Bonus: Phone Addiction pages 158-159

*Bonus Semen Retention pages 160-168

-My Wish for you pages 169-170

-Your Success Story pages 170-173

My goal through creating this manual was to compile resources in a sequential manner to allow men a guided approach away from pornography, but at the same time remaining an active participant.

I hope this serves you well.

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Self Mastery Manual: Quit Porn

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